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How To Make an Image Transparent Using Pixlr

How to make an Image Transparent? We will use the Pixlr online editor for this tutorial.

1. First open the image you need to make transparent in the Pixlr editor ( http://apps.pixlr.com/editor/ )

2. Then select the Magic Wand tool from sidebar and click in the surrounding area of the object you want to make transparent

3. Now in the top menu , go to Edit – Invert Selection, this will automagically select the object you want to make transparent

4. Then go to Edit – Copyhow to make a pic transparentThis will create a copy of the object you wanted to make transparent

5. from the top menu , go to File – New Image . BUT be sure to check these 2 options shown in this picture in the new dialog!

6. Finally Make sure to save it in PNG (Transparent, full quality) Format otherwise transparency will be lost.

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