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Ways to improve website / eshop conversion rate


People usually think about conversion rate in a very mechanical way. They forget that everything in reallity is about the customer. You have to put yourself in the customer’s shoes of your own e-commerce store/site and understand why you want to buy anything from yourself at all and then try to improve any weakness. You ask yourshelf Would you buy your given products from your eshop? And you should anwer that question having in mind and your competition!  

Some ways to improve conversion are:

  1. Price Right with intelligence
    The Baymard institute calculated the cart abandonment rate in 2012 found that the 25% of people abandon cart due to price of a product and 44% abandon due to the shipping. Thats 69% of all abandoners. So shouldn’t you be looking at your price? Sites with price comparison can give you a good point of you to where you stand in the market, in terms of price.
  2. Do have a nice presantation of the products. Akward photos or not enough photos and short description/info doesn’t help. Do not forget that this is e-commerce the customer doen’t have the ability to talk with a salesman can not have eyecontact and can not touch the product.
  3. Discount offering at the right time and place
    People like to know they got a deal. Give them the coupon up front. Don’t make the customer go look for it.
  4. Don’t ask for members… don’t require anything
    Customers want to get through your site to get their product. They are not interested in joining a club – they are interested in buying an item. Don’t stop people in their tracks. Savvy Panda reports that 14% of all cart abandoners are due to “no guest checkout”. If you were forced at the store to sign up for a membership, theres a good chance you would be irritated and leave. Let them want to be members when they will return again to your shop.
  5. Keep it short and simple
    As in the point above, your job as the ecommerce store proprietor is to get people moving through your store as effortlessly as possible. With this said, don’t throw customers curve balls. One of the biggest impacts to conversion is site speed. Don’t skimp out on your server costs because you think its good enough. Speed can help conversion boost by up to 50%. Take a look at this article by Kiss Metrics. In the first box, you can see that a page abandon rates went from 12% (page loads in 2 seconds) to 25% (page loads in 4 seconds). Yes, 2 seconds makes that much of a difference. Keep your eye on speed and invest when you can. It pays off.
  6. If they leave, get them back intelligently.
    Conversion is not only about on site, but what happens with abandonment carts. Consult your ecommerce manager or developer and have a function that may send once a month a ail to customers that have abandonment carts
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