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Jet.com gets $350 Million in Funding, With $150 Million More Coming

Jet.com has closed $350 million in new funding, and says it has verbal agreements for another $150 million. The shopping startup, run by the entrepreneur who created Diapers.com, says a large portion of the money will be spent on marketing, hiring and customer support as it tries to

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New Service by Amazon, Will Deliver Alcohol To Your Door Within An Hour

Amazon said that it will start delivering wine, beer and spirits to customers for the first time as part of its speedy delivery new service, Amazon Prime Now. Prime Now, offers “one and two-hour” delivery, started in New York last year to allow Amazon to start delivering

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Volkswagen’s heavy penalty for cheating on emission tests.

According to EPA, Volkswagen cars, have been polluting  from 10% to 40% more than the allowable legal levels of certain pollutants for years. Volkswagen is accused of using a sophisticated software algorithm to cheating on U.S. emissions tests. The illegal software was able to detect when the car was

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HP Decided To Layoff Another 25,000 – 30,000 People

Hewlett Packard CEO Meg Whitman announced on Tuesday the company is getting ready to lay off another 30,000 people. Since the Silicon Valley is treading a new path, which includes cost-cutting variables. It was announced that layoff is likely to occur mainly within the technology divisions that

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Top funded European B2B retail technology providers

We’ve been digging around in Crunchbase – as well as our own ecosystem – to identify the top funded retail technology B2B start-ups in Europe. Our top 25 includes companies from eight countries and has raised just over $1bn, but is dominated by three players who have raised between

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