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Microsoft makes blocking Windows 10 ‘Recommended’ update near impossible

A lot of users are complaining about Microsoft updates recently since the company tries hard to convince its users to upgrade one way or another. Without stating that Windows 10 are a step back or forward, that kind of tactics look strange for a trustworthy company. Microsoft

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Equinix Closes Its $3.8B TelecityGroup Acquisition

Equinix has closed its acquisition of the European data center services giant TelecityGroup, establishing itself as the largest data center provider in Europe for some time to come. The $3.8 billion deal increases the Redwood City, California-based giant’s data center portfolio by 30 percent, taking it from

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Apple Makes Swift Programming Language to Open Source Community

Apple said today it has released its Swift programming language for building software on iOS, the Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV to the open source community. Apple unveiled a site devoted to the language, Swift.org, and has created a repository containing Swift’s public source code on the

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Hosting panels, A Look At The Features of CPanel

 cPanel is one of the typically popular hosting control panels that is completely web-based and is offered by a significant number of web hosting service providers. Some even specialise in it. It allows the webmasters to control their websites from a web-based graphical interface. There are some

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Best of torrents clients for windows

Here is our list of Best torrents clients for windows Utorrent its free but has and a paid version, probably the most used torrent client. Although Utorrent as it became too popular many user are complaining about the ads. Some also state that it comes pre-packed with unneeded software sometimes.

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