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Best Wordpress plugins

Best free plugins for woocommerce 2016


      In this article we are presanting the best WooCommerce plugins we have found. You can find which of them you need and set up a WooCommerce ehop like a pro! WooCommerce is a plugin that transforms an ordinary wordpress installation in a functional eshop with cart,

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How to embed or add a widget inside a post or article in WordPress

Widgets make it easy to simply drag and drop items into our WordPress site. But are still limited to widget ready areas in your theme such as sidebars and footers.  So what hapens wen we want to add a widget somewhere else like in post or a page. By default

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Easy FancyBox, a wordpress plugin for more beautifull photo and media

 Easy FancyBox plugin for WordPress is a plugin that gives you a flexible and aesthetic lightbox solution for just about all media links on your website, such as photo and video and etc. Easy FancyBox uses the packed FancyBox jQuery extension and is WP 3+ Multi-Site compatible. After

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Best Free CAPTCHA WordPress plugins

If you are tired of getting those spam messages through your WordPress website and want some extra protection, adding a CAPTCHA is a good idea. Although lots of people find them annoying (especially if you cannot read well the digits)…
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