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Hosting panels, A Look At The Features of CPanel

cpanel_interface cPanel is one of the typically popular hosting control panels that is completely web-based and is offered by a significant number of web hosting service providers. Some even specialise in it. It allows the webmasters to control their websites from a web-based graphical interface. There are some tools included in this control panel that make controlling and running a website very simple.

It also comes with a tiered structure with various levels of access. Users and administrators can control different aspects of the web server as well as the website directory from their browser.

The control panel is typically accessed by adding /cpanel to the hostname or by using the https on port :2083  (for example https://youdomain:2083) . The control panel also comes with an auto installer or another software package that allow users to auto to install various content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal and others.

Here are some of the other features of cPanel :

File Management

This section of the control panel allows users to modify/access all the data in the account as well as the back up the whole account, review the disk usage and manage or create new FTP accounts.

Domain Management

This section of the control panel allows users to configure their new domains to new accounts and set up subdomains, redirects, parked domains and various other such things.

E-Mail Management

Users can create new e-mail accounts from within the control panel. You may also modify or view the existing accounts, change passwords for e-mail, modify the MX records, setup quotas for mailboxes and much more.

Databases Management

This section of the control panel allows you to create new databases, setup remote access, get access to the existing databases using phpMyAdmin and a lot more.

Overall, it is a very powerful control panel and is extremely user-friendly. There are a number of tools inside the control panel that make doing a variety of tasks easy for the end user. It also comes with a full-fledged help menu.

What Is It Good for?

The control panel makes it easy to establish and manage hundreds of websites in a quick manner. In fact, it has become the most popular control panel when it comes to web hosting over the past few years. It has all the features that an end-user requires for managing a website on shared hosting.

cPanel and Fantastico

Fantastico is a web application that includes the additional features of cPanel. It can help in installing various content management systems such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Geeklog and various blogging platforms such as Nucleus, b2evolution and others. It also makes it easy to install various other applications such as hosting billing, survey applications, forum creation, site builder, relation customer applications, e-commerce applications and discussion boards among others.

This control panel is a complete website management tool that is simple in use, and this is the reason it has grown to become the most popular website control application. Earlier, people had to depend on some programming knowledge and other technical skills to manage their website. However, this control panel has made it very easy for users to manage their website even without any technical skills. These days, it also comes bundled with various web hosting packages.

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